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Quadchain Solutions Partners With Althash/HTMLCoin To Deliver Blockchain Education

A MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) partnership has been forged between cryptocurrency project HTMLCoin (Althash) and Quadchain Solutions Foundation on July 21, 2022. The signing was officially attended by CEO Bimbo Heraldo, CFO Edgar Tuliao and HTMLCoin CEO Amando Boncales in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

The partnership will provide Quadchain Solutions Foundation access to HTMLCoin’s Althash University digital learning platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency education. This is one way to train the future developers in the blockchain space with quality material from ICORBP (International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals), headed by Dr. Vince Vicente who is also VP at Quadchain Solutions Foundation.

“This will allow Quadchain to provide quality education as a service from our foundation, in service of technical institutions”, according to CTO Vincent Tabora. Most of these technical schools do not yet have access to these technologies, so Quadchain will help them obtain the materials and curriculum to be competitive at a grander scale.

Quadchain Solutions Foundation will focus on helping technical schools, starting in the Philippines. There is a high potential in fintech development in that region, and bringing education related to blockchain technologies can help develop new talent for projects in the fintech space.

According to projections from Statista, global spending on blockchain solutions development is projected to go from $6.6 Billion in 2021 to $19 Billion by 2024 (2017-2024 data). This gives a promising outlook for blockchain-based solutions developers around the world. Education can further solidify the training needed to deliver those solutions for the next generation.

(Photo inset: HTMLCoin CEO Amando Boncales [L] and Quadchain Solutions Foundation CEO Bimbo Heraldo [R])

Link: Virtual MOU Signing (Quadchain and Althash)


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